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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 28, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. brand-new images of the midair meltdown all caught on tape. just listen to the pilot panic. >> oh, my god! i'm so distraught. oh, my god. we've got israel. >> we have brand-new details on the harrowing moments when the pilot lost it and the co-pilot locked him out of the cockpit. and the hero who pinned him down in a choke hold joins us live. and breaking overnight, holy jackpot. the megamillions just got a whole lot bigger. no winning numbers last night. the biggest jackpot set for friday night, almost half a billion dollars!
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a mother's fight. her ward to get her daughter back and to prevent her nightmare from ever happening to another parent. and three's company. a new home. why the party prince is setting up house with will and kate. and good wednesday morning, everyone. we have so much to get to. that jetblue flight finally arriving overnight in las vegas. there were tense moments on board. passengers tackling and restraining the captain. he was at one point ranting "say your prayers, we're all going down." we're learning more details about the veteran pilot. and that man there that pinned him down. also, high energy and high drama in the supreme court yesterday. the president's health care bill
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on trial. it seemed to split the court right down the middle. it was just electric in that courtroom. we'll have the latest from washington. >> electric is the right way. new details for simon powell. a woman breaking in, and coming face-to-face with the star in his own bedroom. let's get right to the latest on the airline captain in the midair meltdown. there were a lot of heroes on that flight. and new details have been coming up all night. abc's jim avila is in washington. >> reporter: good morning. the pilot who threatened to take down his jetblue plane over texas is now in fbi custody. after what law enforcement officials described as a panic attack, but to passengers sounded like this. >> i'm so distraught. oh, we got -- we got israel, we got iraq." >> reporter: this cell phone video shown on cnn captures stunning video and odd yes.
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jetblue captain clayton osbon in midair frightening passengers. >> we're gonna get --" >> reporter: yelling threats, invoking al qaeda, warning of a bomb being being subdued. eventually carried off a plane into a waiting ambulance. this morning, abc news is learning more about the veteran pilot now under observation in a texas hospital. 49-year-old osbon began flying commercially more than 20 years ago, joining jetblue in 2000. he's married and lives in georgia. renting a room in this house near new york's jfk airport, a place to unwind after long flights. >> great guy. no problem here with him. none. >> reporter: but passengers saw a different side tuesday. sources say just after 9:53 a.m. central time, osbon in the cockpit but not flying began flipping switches, acting confused. alarmed, his co-pilot tricks him, sending him to the passenger compartment, locking
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the cockpit and changing the security code before calling the texas airport, amarillo, texas. >> flight 191, we're going to need medical assistance. >> reporter: passengers watched in disbelief as osbon, locked out and angry begins to pace. >> with his finger on the cockpit door. let him in. >> reporter: passengers fearing another 9/11 grabbed him, as many as five people tackled the now shouting captain. david gonzalez, a former new york city corrections officer brings him down. >> i was able to put a choke hold on him. >> reporter: the men many en route to a security conference in las vegas sit on osbon. using their belt to restrain him after he breaks free of plastic zip ties. >> it was the longest flight to vegas i've ever had. 13 hours. unbelievable. >> abc news spoke to the pilot's
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wife by phone last night. she has not been in contact with her husband but urged everyone to wait for his side of the story and she's relieved that none of the passengers was hurt. >> i'll athank you. two passengers on that flight, david gonzalez and sarah. on the flight. good morning to you both. let me begin with you first, when did you know that something was terribly wrong? >> well, something weird first happened. i had gone into the bathroom, as i was finishing up, all of a sudden, i heard a couple of loud bangs on the door. i couldn't understand why, i just thought it was somebody who didn't notice i was in there. then the door started getting pulled open. then i heard two dings going off. later found out that those dings were because the locked door was being tampered with. as i was in there, the pilot
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said i've got to get in there, i've got to get in there. i thought maybe he was sick. i didn't realize until i basically saw him beeline for the door. >> right. david, how did you become involved? >> i actually seen him trying to break into the door of the cockpit. and they tried to apprehend the guy, and the occupation from the cockpit ended up towards the side door, and i was assuming that he was going to open the door. so i went up to assist the stewardess. one was injured. and she said, you can help me. he kept pointing at me and says, you need to pray. he started talking about iraq and iran. as soon as he pointed at me, i
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grabbed his arm and i put him in a choke hold where it was a little struggle for him to get to his throat, to subdue him. so, anyway, what happened was, i got him to the point where his -- i was able to cut his wind pipe, and his knees buckled. so i was able to drag him to the aisle to take him down. and once he went down, we got a lot of support from the people. and once we actually had him handcuffed and everything, we wanted to make sure that the passengers were okay. i was trying to educate them that we had the scene under control. but it was a frightening moment at the time. and a lot of people were fearing for their lives. and, you know what, it was something that, you know, i've never experienced before. i was just happy i was able to get him down to the floor. >> well, so many of you were heading to that security conference. it was good fortune that so many
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of you were trained. didn't he break out of the restraints at one point, and you had to use your belts? >> yes. there were a couple of friends of mine on the plane, i requested, give me one of his belts. at that time, they had used the extension. because he broke the ones for the legs. he just snapped those. but i had already put enough pressure on his neck that he was slowly out. and then he was coming to. so i just wanted to make sure that if he decided to get back up, i was going to be able to control him. but there was so many people that came in and assisted me in keeping him down. we actually landed the plane with me on top of the guy. >> i have to tell you guys, the seeing of sarah and david coming together in those moments. quick thinking from everyone. up hear the pilot saying these things, iraq and iran. i know what you said, david,
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i'll show you iraq and iran and you put him in a choke hold. but, sarah, what was everyone doing when dave and the others were subduing the pilot? >> besides the ones that you saw were anxious about taking the videos. everything was still into the what if. what if he had gotten into that cockpit, what would he have done. i know at one moment, i looked to one of my bosses who was sitting next to me i must have had the fear in my eyes. he got up and he was one of the gentlemen that helped david to keep him pinned down until we landed. other than that, it was kind of what was going on, what made this pilot -- something triggered him. it was more of -- it was a guessing game, pretty much. >> i know. we're waiting to hear. david, the final question for you, more of a statement, you say and the other passengers, you give a lot of credit to the
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co-pilot for having the presence of mind to lock that pilot out of the cockpit? >> that's correct. he almost got in there. and that's when i -- i seen the door buckle a little bit. and then the stewardess kind of took him away from that door. if he would have went inside that cockpit, i would have had a challenge taking him out thereof. it would have been a lot more difficult. >> sarah, thank you. david, thank you as well. next time i take a flight, david, i hope you're sitting next to me. >> you're welcome. >> let's bring in our aviation consultant john nance. john, we just heard david gonzalez say this is a textbook example of the co-pilot, the passengers all doing the exact thing. >> there are, george. one after 9/11, we have seen this consistently over and over again, passengers are not going to sit by idly before we have before 9/11.
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everyone is going to get involved. secondly, the co-pilot did exactly what we expect of the flight officers. it doesn't matter whether you're the captain or co-pilot, one person can easily land the plane. but he had a high level of catch dense to take charge. this is an accolade to his company because they had the assurance. >> john, we never had an accident like to this before in the united states but should the pilots' screening, they all get a physical every single year, have picked up a potential problem like this? >> this is one of the big questions, george. we're going to have to get to the bottom of this. over time, were there indications that it could have been seen, it could have been caught by anybody that scale in contact with both him and the airline. we have a monitoring system, it's not formal in any way. it's 00 kind of a neural network of which we're all aware of everybody else. and sometimes maybe it needs to be reaffirmed. that people need to be careful that when they see something a
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little erratic. but there may not have been anything erratic. this is a very sad breakdown. we're all human. i think his wife is exactly right, wait till you hear not the other side but what might have been behind this. >> there's so much in the air right now, we have to pay attention to these potential mental health problems? >> we absolutely do. we're all human. that's the bottom line. now to the latest on the shooting of trayvon martin. new details about the crucial hours of the investigation and the decision not to press charges against the shooter. abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: abc news has learned just hours after the fight and the gunshot that killed trayvon martin -- >> gunshots -- >> reporter: -- the homicide officer investigating the case recommended george zimmerman be brought up on manslaughter charges. but sources tell abc news when
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the it was center to the state attorney general's office that night it was reported that there wasn't enough evidence to convict. and there were missteps, including a failure to test zimmerman that night for drugs or alcohol. zimmerman claimed self-defense, but that night, he spotted martin and called police. >> are you following him? >> yeah. >> okay, we don't need you to do that. >> reporter: he then turned back to his truck, and that's when zimmermanle reportedly says martin confronted him. ultimately punching zimmerman in the nose, pouncing and slamming his head on the ground. abc news has learned that the original police report classified the shooting as an unnecessary killing to prevent an unlawful act. >> he's sadly missed. >> reporter: trayvon martin's parents said their son would still be alive had he not been the victim of racial profiling.
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>> of course, my heart is broken. but it breaks even more to know that we have not gotten justice yet. >> reporter: and the family says their had son is still being victimized. >> there are so many things now where they're trying to give blame to the victim, demonize the victim. >> robin, there's been so much interest and also so much misinformation about this case. get this, a man in california tweeted out what he thought was the address of george zimmerman here in sanford, florida. it was the wrong george zimmerman. the poor family that lived there was so inundated by phone calls and threats they had to leave their home. >> all right, matt, thank you. because this case has sparked such an emotional response tonight on abc news radio, i'll host a live town hall, race and justice. we have great guests, parents, children of all races, law enforcement officials. and we're going to have a frank discussion.
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abc news radio tonight, 7:00 p.m. eastern. and listen on yahoo!.com. and mixed news for president obama. our new poll shows voters they've got a law from the supreme court. jon, you had more than half the court asking questions about this requirement that everyone has to buy health insurance. listen to justice scalia. he had a down-to-earth example, he said if the government can force you to buy health insurance, they can force you to buy food. >> everybody has to buy food sooner or later. you define the market as food. therefore you can make people buy broccoli. >> you can hear a partisan flip between the liberals and conservatives. >> yeah, all five of the conservative justices, and they
7:16 am
do have the balance of power, had withering questions for the nation's lawyers about whether or not the government has the power to require people to buy health insurance. the centerpiece of the law. they expressed doubts about that. we don't know how they're going to rule, george. they will deliberate until june on this. this was an ominous start. >> you're right. the decision will come right in the middle of the presidential campaign. it's kind of hard to read that the campaign would doom the president's law but we don't know what impact it would have on the campaign? >> we sure know it would be a rallying cry if this court, a 5-4 condition decision, were to strike down that law. and also take away the issue for republicans. >>ic? ly, jon, the new poll, with the president opening up the gap on mitt romney? >> yeah, 53% favor obama. 34% for romney. look at this, unfavorable numbers, 54% right now have an
7:17 am
unfavorable view of mitt romney. that's sky high. >> and okay, jon karl, thanks very much. josh elliott. we begin with newt gingrich takes drastic measures to save this slacking campaign. overnight we learned he's now laying off one-third of his staff, including his campaign manager. he hopes to take better advantage of twitter, youtube, other social media to get his message out. also, in colorado, another 6,500 homes have been put on notice. they may have to evacuate because of the fire that has spread out over seven square miles. and blamed for the death of two elderly residents. a third is missing. twaem homes have been damaged. and a group led by former lakers' great magic johnson has the winning offer to buy the los angeles dodgers. price tag -- a cool $2 billion.
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a record for a sports franchise. and i've got to tell you, if they just would have waited until friday, i would have been in the bidding because that's when i'm going to win the megamillions jackpot! nobody matched the numbers last night so that thing has grown even larger. $476 million. the biggest lottery jackpot in u.s. history. not won by robin. i fear maybe -- i fear it will be won by our crew. of course, we'd have nobody here running the cameras. but, hey, best of luck, and remember who your favorite anchor is -- robin. >> hey there, sam, are you playing? >> shopping for jets right now, robin. just behind the monitor. blue. blue's a nice color. we're warming up temperatures from yesterday's quick, cold burst when the windchills were in the teens
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yesterday, know 45 in new york in the morning. 35 in boston. 10 to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday as you step out the door. right through the middle of the count that boundary of cooler air and moisture meets. san angelo 83. tampa, 84 degrees. that, my friend is the weather around the nation.
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>> all is that weather was brought to you by the citi simplicity card. maybe a yacht. >> you were thinking that the whole time you were doing the weather, right? >> dream the impossible dream. >> all right. coming up, a mother's battle. her fight to change the law after her teenage daughter moves in with her high school teacher. and breaking in. alarming new details about how a crazed intruder broke into simon cowell's high-security mansion. and the first to leave the dance floor. martina navratilova and her partner tony.
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good morning i'm eric thomas. investigators in santa clara county say the case of a missing morgan hill teenager is a possible abduction. they believe the 15-year-old may have voluntarily left with someone and that person is now keeping her from returning home. sierra was last seen march
7:25 am
16th. volunteers will take part in another search this mo. six hundred vol taoers turned out yesterday. -- volunteers turned out yesterday. a lot of slow spots four live camera shots northbound 280 near highway 17 north 101 in san jose still slow from several earlier accidents. brake lights southbound 680 through walnut creek to danville. san mateo bridge ride wet across the span. bay bridge toll backed up towards the foot of the maze. when we come back, mike will have a look at the forecast.
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welcome back. cloudy over downtown san francisco to sfo, 76 minute flight arrival delays. you can see from hayward around lake mendocino road up to san ramon and danville up to north gate road near mount diablo antioch getting rain, napa towards east shiloh and hercules, fairfield all wet now this is all moving to the east expect scattered showers this morning, isolated showers this afternoon. next chance of rain saturday.
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many of us know simon cowell. nothing seems to get under his skin. always so suave and unruffled. but he's admitted to being alarmed to a terrifying break-in at his multimillion-dollar home. his spokesman says it was like something out of a horror film, a woman smashing her way into his house. also, new details on that single mom who vanished in vermont. this is a tough one. the only known witness is her 2-year-old boy. he was left in the car. the police are probing him now trying to figure out if he can give any reliable clues. >> he's just 2 as you say. turns out three is not a crowd at kensington palace. kate and will may have room.
7:31 am
we begin with the stunning involvement of the 18-year-old who moved in with her much older high school teacher. the mother has been on a mission to put the teacher in jail and now she's pushing for a new law that would make any commission like this a crime. abc's cecilia vega has the latest. >> good morning, george. the lawmaker helping this mother push for this new law says there's already 23 states around the country with similar laws on the books. this one makes it a crime for teachers to date their students, putting them behind bars, stripping them of their public school pension. >> i don't want another child, another family to be in this is position. >> reporter: she is a mother waging a war and her daughter back and to prevent her nightmare from ever happening to another parents. >> i am angry, i'm frustrated. >> reporter: tammie powers is making her case everywhere she can. from "the dr. phil show." and now, all of the way to the california state capitol. and her 18-year-old jordan recently left home and moved in with her boyfriend, 41-year-old
7:32 am
james hooker. yes, the age difference has this mother outraged, but even more than that, until just a few weeks ago. hooker was jordan's high school teacher. >> he's more than just a lover. >> i would say i am in love. >> reporter: it is a love that drove hooker to leave his wife and kids to quit his job. now this former teacher and his former student, share an apartment together. they say their relationship became physical, only after jordan turned 18. >> i will encourage each and every state to adopt this law, or a similar law. i would like to see a national registry, as a reference point for employers. >> reporter: and california lawmakers are listening. introducing a new bill tuesday that would make it a felony for a public school teacher to date a student in the same school, regardless of age. >> for his or her teacher to
7:33 am
manipulate their position of authority and take advantage of that student is wrong. >> reporter: on "good morning america," hooker and jordan repeatedly deend iffed their relationship, saying nothing happened while he was still mr. hooker. >> they don't care about the rest of the details. they see it as wrong. >> what are the rest of the details that matter to you? because a lot of the people will say, the details don't matter, you're her teacher. >> was her teacher. >> reporter: jordan is no longer attending high school classes. she's in independent study. hooker plans to file for divorce. >> what makes this worth it? >> i think at some point, you take a leap of faith when love is involved. >> reporter: jordan's mom wants hooker arrested. there is a police investigation, but so far, no criminal charges. as for her daughter, tammie powers thinks she's been brainwashed and hopes this new law will mean no other teacher runs off with a student. >> i'm planning on taking this as a national campaign, encouraging each and every state, more or less, it's my way to channel this anger, frustration, helplessness into something productive.
7:34 am
protecting students. protecting kids. >> we spoke to jordan. she says she has no opinion on this new law. she says she and james hooker are staying out of the media now. and, george, they just want to move on with their life. >> i bet they do. let's bring in dan abrams. for more on this. first thing's first. this new law that is passed will have nothing to do with this case. >> right, ex post facto laws are not permitted under the u.s. constitution. meaning you can criminalize something after it's happened. so this law won't have any impact on this. >> more than 28 states have laws even if the teacher is over 18. this goes a bit further, it would criminalize so-called seductive communications. >> seductive, lewd and lascivious, i understand. the problem is it refers to excessive and inappropriate conduct with a student. that's where it gets a little tough to define. some might view constant political conversations as
7:35 am
inappropriate with particular students. >> religious? >> exactly. exactly. so you've got to be careful when you're framing the language around this. because it sounds what the legislators are doing is reacting to this specific case and saying how do we prevent this kind of case from even getting to this point. and while their goals may be admirable, you have to be very careful in that. >> do we have any sense in how laws like this have been put in place? do they have some kind of a deterrent effect? >> i do think, i'm not a big believer that a lot of criminalizing things making things more significant crimes has a real deterrent impact. this kind of crime might in a sense it really might make a teacher who is thinking about what do on the 18th birthday of a prospective student, think, well -- she's 18 are or, she's 18, and it will be okay. >> they know the consequences? >> exactly. they know exactly what the age is and at what point did the
7:36 am
relationship start. i do think a law like this could have something of a deterrent effect, although i don't think it's suddenly going to avoid this sort of issue ever happening. >> thanks. now, to the shocking murder of that science teacher in vermont. the community reeling over the death of melissa jenkins. her family holding out hope right now for some kind of a break through in the case to find out who did this. abc's linsey davis has the latest. >> good morning, robin. the state police just wrapped up a press conference where they announced the news that the small town has been so anxious to hear. arrest in the murder of a 33-year-old melissa jenkins, a married couple. they also released the cause of death, strangulation. taken into custody, 30-year-old al alan prugh and his wife,
7:37 am
patricia. he delivered the same local paper that delivered the news of his arrest. route drivers said he delivered the paper on sunday and monday night but arrived an hour late on sunday night when the loving mother and idolized science teacher mysteriously disappeared. police discovered her 2-year-old sitting alone in the car. the engine running, his mother vanished and signs of a struggle. classes where jenkins taught science were canceled tuesday. in the evening, members of this close-knit community came here to mourn. >> our focus has been on the students and the faculty and staff and how to help them through what's just been a terrible ordeal for this community and the school. >> reporter: family members say she was going to help someone who was having car trouble. those who knew her are still trying to figure out how this happened. >> almost starting to get angry, they can imagine what it must have been like as they feel the pain and loss.
7:38 am
and just angry, that such an injustice was done here. >> reporter: the arraignment is scheduled to take place later on today. among other things the couple is expected to be charged with second degree murder. you see the sign there, "we love you miss jenkins." this is where the funeral service is expected to take place. in the very school where she taught science and also coached the girl's basketball team. her 2-year-old son, ty is staying with her parents and his father said he's doing well and hanging in there. robin. >> a lot of heavy hearts there. lindsey, thank you. let's check with weather with sam. >> good morning. let's start with the soaking northwest. this is about five inches of very heavy rain. in larkspur county.
7:39 am
in some cases we've had 17 inches of rain since the 1st of march. we sierras that will have 11 inches of rain. if i have to highlight the heaviest rain zone, right on the botcheder of california and oregon, eugene and that zone right there. this is very heavy rain and big winds along the coastline as well. if you're looking for a quick warm-up, here's what we have to tell you the next couple days in the northeast. we're going up and down, up and down. don't get settled into the temperatures staying in the 60s. they won't. look at detroit going from 60 to 50 degrees >> denver, you may be my
7:40 am
favorite at 78. all of that weather is proud to you by hoodia. robin. >> love you too, love you too. >> coming up. home invasion nightmare. simon cowell's terrifying face-to-face confrontation with an intruder in his own home. come on back.
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you make a change with best foods. make parmesan crusted chicken surprisingly crispier, juicier, mmmm yummy-er. best foods. make it real: make it different. now, new details in the
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startling home invasion that has shook up the usually cool simon cowell. the person confronted the music mogul with a brick. abc's nick schifrin has the story from london. >> i don't think there's a band in the world right now as good as you. >> reporter: from hld hopeful ♪ we are part of the rhythm nation ♪ ♪ >> reporter: to bellowing brit ♪ >> reporter: -- simon cowell has fulfilled many dreams but friday night, he lived through a might nare. cowell was watching himself on tv downstairs when he heard a noise upstairs. he rushed into the bathroom and saw a woman trying to crash into his house with a brick. he tried to talk to her but she kept screaming at him. cowell's spokesman said it was something out of a horror film. cowell fled to his bedroom and called his private security.
7:45 am
within minutes police showed up. they found 29-year-old leann zaloumis inside the house. she'd even been in his bed and walked into his closet after smearing the walls with her own blood. she's been charged with aggravated burglary with intent to commit grave bodily harm. she'll be in court june 12th. cowell's house has been vandalized before. he installed a security system worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and is, quote, as safe as the bank of england." he's protected celebrities for 30 years -- >> the biggest schal we face is to balance the security requirements. threat assessment, protection, setting up protocols for their homes. setting up security systems, it's just gotten to be more and more involved. >> reporter: and it will get more involved for cowell. we saw workers at his home
7:46 am
upgrading his security. for "good morning america," nick schifrin, abc news, london. >> i bet they're upgrading that system. nick, thank you. josh has the "the play of the day," one "titanic" reunion. the cast is together after 15 years. right now. he says you're gonna get frostbite in under 30 seconds. won't take me that long. honey, is this really necessary? it'll bug me if i wait. [ female announcer ] walgreens free mobile app. refill by scan. receive a text when it's ready. we're good. wanna call anyone or anything? your mom? a little more altitude... a little less attitude. [ female announcer ] download the free walgreens mobile app to refill prescriptions, print photos and see the new weekly ad anywhere. walgreens. there's a way to keep life moving. ocean spray cranberry juice versus vegetable juice. first the cranberry. mm! tasty. now, the vegetable juice, with more than 10 times the sodium of cranberry juice. we have a winner!
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another piece. you never know about it here. take a look. the man certainly didn't see this thing coming. you got to listen to people filming, too. he's just trying to go to work. unfortunately, the goose -- the goose is near, he's not letting him have it. i've got to tell you, we've had this problem -- when i was at espn -- the goose is not backing down. >> look at that. >> leave the goose alone. >> no! >> no! >> hey, hey, hey! >> no, no, that's it. you guys -- it's just getting started. he dropped the bag and just when he thinks -- he thinks he can get into the building. no, it gets better. i showed that goose. did you see what just happened to me -- ooh! >> whoa!
7:51 am
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still ahead on "gma," the first couple to go on "dancing with the stars" with us live.
7:56 am
and the hot new fashion trend coming up! good morning i'm eric thomas itch the man accused of killing five people inside a san francisco home last week is scheduled to make his first court appear -- appear appears today. 35-year-old binh luc thai will be eligible for the death penalty if convicted. also soon a tapering of showers. we could see reform once the sun comes out and starts to stable lied the atmosphere keep that in mind when -- when you are around this afternoon.
7:57 am
next chance of rain after today, saturday. three-vehicle crash westbound 580 on the richmond san rafael bridge just cleared, traffic heavy there many you may want to consider the bay bridge toll plaza, no delay. the news continues now with "
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i've got to move like jagger there's some moves like jagger out here in times square. keeping it -- not as cold as it was yesterday. i see that. with so many of the stars on "dancing with the stars" moves like that, there are breakout stars katherine jenkins, of course, sherri shepherd so much fun to watch. having such a great time out there. it has been a sizzling start to the season but someone had to leave first. and leading the way because she is a leader. she decided to lead the way. martina navratilova and tony are here live. got up early this morning from los angeles. looking good. thank you so much. we're going to be talking to you in just a little bit. >> they gave it a great shot. >> they did.
8:01 am
also, there's a hot new trend coming out of l.a., january jones feel there's a custom pill that could help you lose the baby weight. josh, keep did in. stay under control. >> stay tuned. stay tuned. >> didn't we talk about this? >> yes. i was the first. >> trend-setter you are. >> no, it should be interesting to see josh's reaction to that story. >> like i'm the weirdo. >> no one called you a weirdo, sweetheart. >> that's his moment. hey, i wish you could do this, onesie! that's not the weird -- onesies are the faddest -- the hottest fashion trend for spring. rachel zoe you can see loving them. we're going to show you the chicest look.
8:02 am
plus, the "titanic" reunion was epic. actor/director james cameron 15 years later. >> hard to believe. we're going to get news. all right. we're going to begin with new details about the jetblue pilot's mid air meltdown over texas. authorities describe it as a panic attack, but the passengers, sounded like this. >> i'm so distraught. oh, we got -- we got israel, we got iraq. four passengers were finally able to tackle that pilot and pin him down until the plane was safely on the ground. they call it a medical situation. nothing indicated he had any problems. the pilot under medical observation and in fbi custody. and another arrest in the air, that woman appeared to have
8:03 am
a mental breakdown on the flight, kicking, scratching, spitting on flight crew, she was wrestled in the floor, taken into custody after landing, that plane did not have to be diverted and in chicago, 5500 homes may have to be evacuated as a wildfire spreads out of control. an elderly couple died, their home destroyed in the fire. another woman is missing at this hour. fire crews from four states hope to contain the blaze today and developing news from cuba, word that fidel castro will meet with pope benedict as the pope wraps up his visits there. christiane amanpour is in havana right now. christiane. >> reporter: josh, people were being bussed into revolution square for the pope even before dawn. we do hear that the pope will meet with fidel castro, the aging leader of this cuban revolution. he's already met with raul, fidel's brother who is president. and the pope made veiled
8:04 am
references to freedom, and to political prisoners. and there was a swift response from the cuban government where one of the top ministers said there would not be any political reforms here, but that they would continue their economic reforms. we asked one person what they wanted here. he told us freedom. the freedom to live as people. josh? >> christiane amanpour in havana, thank you for that. meanwhile a frightening scene in thailand, shooting fireworks into the air, lighting trees on fire. people living within two miles had to be evacuated. fortunately no one was inside those factories at the time. and now, diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." >> what a scam this is thieves who present to be your children and grandchildren, even on the phone. they study facebook to learn how to do it. and they get thousands of dollars. we have 25,000 complaints to tell you about on "world news." thank you, diane.
8:05 am
meanwhile, women's final four basketball is set. unlike the men's side where they're drawing straws, they got these ones right. top seeds are -- look at the one. one seeds advance. baylor taking on stanford and uconn battling skylar diggins on sunday. look at the baylor bears, 40-0. >> no team has done that, 40-0. >> nobody has done that. finally, a truly brilliant idea here. you can get a pizza and get it delivered with a push of a button. a pizza company has invented a button. it's also a magnet you stick on your fridge. you program it ahead of time with your phone number, address, favorite topping, you press it and the pizza is on the way. there is one problem. the pizza company is in dubai. >> oh. >> if you want that for the final four, you better press it now.
8:06 am
>> and empty out your checkbook. >> you know what's hot "pop news"? >> thanks, guys. good morning, everybody. good morning to you. justin bieber's song is quite hot right now. it's called "boyfriend." it's out now and music industry watchers think it will give the biebs the biggest selling week ever. maybe because justin really believes in being a good boyfriend. describing what kind of a man he is to his love selena gomez. justin said i'm loving, patient, kinds and gentle. it's just about being honest with one another. the lyrics to his new hit -- "just is a good boyfriend "he sings but i won't, chillin' by the fire while eating fondue. i don't know about me but i know about you. but i know about you. >> and he didn't go with bieber for the cover? >> no, he went with the hair. >> that's too bad. >> yes.
8:07 am
all right. >> that's too bad. >> it is too bad, josh. that's right, it's three's company royal style. for will and kate and in the role of jack tripper, little brother harry. harry up -- not you. brother harry is moving into will and kate's apartment. i doubt it's an apartment. i think it's an apartment and a palace. anyway, kensington palace after harry returned home from his tour after celebrating the queen jubilee. he moved in. and kate reportedly welcomed him with open arm, for now. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> yeah, what's his is hers? >> right. right. >> well done. and you may have heard about this little book. i don't know -- what's the name again "50 shades of grey"? that little one. if you haven't heard about it, please do.
8:08 am
anyway, until now there's been little known about the author, a lot of gray area there. but "entertainment weekly" has snagged the big interview with the elusive e.l. james. as you may suspect, that is a pen name. we now know, thanks to e.w., her name is ericka. erica's mommy porn has made her very, very rich. i said porn -- you know what, too, when elizabeth vargas says it it sounds different. i was really just following her lead. >> you were toting that out of the car into the studio? >> i'm doing research. for this story on pop news. it's very -- it's a good read. >> are you blushing? >> anyway, you can find it in this week's edition, and get "50 shades of grey" on and finally, really quick, a viral video bofer.
8:09 am
first, the baby bat mobile. this was spotted in plano, texas. the custom stroller. that is it on the swing. you there go, who doesn't love dogs in baby swings. dogs in baby swings -- all different kinds of dogs. big dogs, little dogs. that is "pop news" everybody. >> oh, wow. >> you must be exhausted. >> sam better run the best weather cast of all time. >> we go viral. everybody put your dog in a baby swing and send it to "gma." i love that. i didn't think anything could be better than the batmobile but that. what's your name? >> cali dentry. >> where are you from? >> chicago. >> chicago. you didn't mind yesterday's temperatures, it was fine? >> it was not fine. >> who are we saying hi to? >> my grandma and grandpa? >> and? >> and my friend heather. >> that's an e.
8:10 am
i thought it was an "f." who's hethfr? there are things going on as you head outside. southwest, all the way up into denver. there are warm temperatures here. with no rain expected it now comes into the driest march ever. that's where the fires are roaring into march. along the cold front here's where the storms line up. if you're in the red zone pay attention to the abc station. but i'll tell you right here, anywhere from new york city all of the way up to providence, this is a very nice day.
8:11 am
and we are live in times square. lara, i think you're on to something. it's better than blanking, it's better than batting. put your dog in a baby swing. send that video to "gma." >> please push gently. >> gently, exactly. here's a look at what else we have coming up on the "gma" morning menu. does the new trend among hollywood moms like january jones really help you drop the baby weight and add energy. is it right for you? we'll take a closer look. and it was the last dance for martina and tony. so sorry to see that. they were booted from the ballroom this morning. and onesies, rachel hoping we'll all be wearing jump suits by spring. all of us. all on "the hot list" ahead on "gma."
8:12 am
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8:16 am
the controversial new trend for new moms looking for a hill boost has been catching on in hollywood, but does this natural health supplement made from the mother's own womb work? and is it safe. abc's abbie boudreau looks into that in los angeles. >> reporter: fighting fatigue after her baby was born, bombshell "mad men" actress january jones took pills made from her placenta. and she credits this growing trend for her speedy recovery. even telling "people" magazine i suggest it to all mom. some herbalists believe the placenta that grows in the uterus and nourishes babies wards off baby blues and helps you drop those dreaded pounds. >> it's like taking an energy pill. >> reporter: this mom made her placenta made into pills after her daughter lily was born and
8:17 am
took them twice a day. >> i really felt the difference. i'd eat my lunch and started feeling a little -- i'd take my two capsules. very soon after. some peopling might think it's the placebo effect. i don't think. >> reporter: thornton likes it so much, she started a service encapsulating placenta for new moms. she plans to take the pills once again. >> how would is august? >> august is 8 months old. >> reporter: but this new mom calls it nothing more than a celebrity-driven fad. one she fell for and now regrets. >> when i saw the placenta pill trend, i immediately hopped on the bandwagon even know when i didn't see where it was going. >> reporter: she also heard about the benefits. >> i'm the person that tells everyone diet pills don't work. that mascara is not going to turn you into a supermodel. here i was eating the placenta
8:18 am
and sitting and waiting for the miracle pill. >> reporter: redd said she felt weepy and eight days later she stopped taking them. she saw the difference immediately. >> i would like more safety in place. >> reporter: experts say there's no scientific evidence that ingesting placenta helps with energy. there's no scientific energy that suggests that ingesting it will provide the same benefits that the baby is getting. >> reporter: and the process to make the capsules is not regulated. some doctors believe it can also be dangerous. >> any human tissue could contain infectious material which could cause infection to other individuals in the household. that would be of concern. >> reporter: it's a big debate in the postpartum world where many moms would do just about anything to feel better after the big day. but if she could do it all over again, redd knows what she'd do different --
8:19 am
>> i don't think in my case i'll ever be ingesting my placenta again. >> and of course, every time there's a new trend like this, there are new companies popping up offering services. experts say you just really have to be careful who you trust and to realize there are potential health risks involved. >> thanks very much. let's go to robin and the latest. >> over here, a smart screen. an athlete who has 59 grand slam titles a record wimbledon championships and 344 tournament victories to her name is not used to wacking away without a trophy. but last night, this woman right here, martinale navratilova and her partner tony dovolani were the first couple to get the boot from "dancing with the stars." we'll talk to them in just a moment. but first let's take a look at last night. >> on the second week of competition, the company with the lowest combined total, therefore leaving right now is -- martina and tony.
8:20 am
♪ >> i know! we felt the same way. and joining us now, live -- i love this little screen over here -- martina and tony live there in los angeles. good morning to you both. >> hey, robin. >> hi. >> i know this is -- both of you are not used to being in this kind of situation. you are such great sports for joining us. martina, how's your toe? i know you had injuries you were working through? >> oh, the toe is fine. that is not an issue at all. the problem is here. not in the toes. >> you're too much of a thinker, martina. you just have to let yourself go. you know, a lot of people are commenting that you really -- you stepped outside of your comfort zone and i have a lot of respect that you did that. what did you learn from all this process? >> well, i learned that i'm not good enough to get upset. i learned that i'm not good enough to cover up my mistakes. but most of all, you know, i think i learned to have fun and just go for it. >> and that's why -- because we're going to show some more
8:21 am
video. we saw this from last night. and, tony, you never worked with an athlete before. what was it like working with martina? >> oh, it was great. i mean, she understands what it takes to be good at something. she understood that she has to practice a lot. i never really had to tell her to go to the start position because she was already there. she practiced all the time at home. so she never came unprepared. >> she was very coachable. >> i was pretty devastated last night. i was devastated last night because i wanted america to get to know her as i did. she's an amazing woman. >> you talk about getting to know her. i follow you both on twitter. there's some great tweets of you guys. skiing, playing tennis. doing those kinds of things. >> i had fun. >> you are about having fun, right, martina? >> well, what's life if you don't challenge yourself? you know, i try to challenge our members to do more with their life. i challenge myself in this play.
8:22 am
and i did it and hopefully inspire people to do more with their life. >> you did do that. there are so many people tweeting what about you're doing. as a matter of fact, i want to get to some of these tweets right now. i have to say will this is the number one question, martina, did you enjoy dressing up? >> i did. the biggest thing i learned, you can be comfortable in high-heeled shoes. that is something that i did not know. i did. you know, it was like a fairy tale kind of situation. and tony made me feel like a princess so -- every day. and i think that's my biggest regret is that we don't get to do this again. >> i know, that was another question that we had. what dance did you really want to learn in the coming weeks? >> well, we were going to do the cha-cha next week. unfortunately, maybe we'll get to do it for the finale. i don't know what they throw at us. we'll learn one more dance or maybe hopefully nail the jive. what i want to do is show you my
8:23 am
jive steps. >> we know that you have it there. i know we always ask this, tony, because the competition, man, it is really good this season. handicap it for us. you're the expert. >> all right, personalitywise, sherri shepherd, i think she brings so much joy. katherine jenkins, wow, i don't think we've had a better dancer on the show. she's an amazing performer. it's funny. for the boys, the room is whole deafening. i actually think that, you know,
8:24 am
jameel are doing a good job. >> you're amazing. you take care. thanks again. >> the next competition is monday 8:00, 7:00 central. lara? >> i've seen you rock this trend quite well, i might add. it's the newest back to the future trend for the spring. jumpsuits or onesies. they sure do look good on the little ones. but can the rest of us gals, real women pull them off? >> reporter: the word "onesie" may bring a certain image to mind. [ baby crying ] >> reporter: but make no mistake, this all-in-one outfit is all grown up. from the red carpet to the runway. jump suits have got on the fashion trend.
8:25 am
like gwen, jennifer, rachel zoe who goes bananas. she tweeted this photo in a long black number saying, quote, does it get any easier than throwing on a jumpsuit, adding accessories and heading out the door. love. >> this is sexy. not only are they sexy, they're wearable, they're accessible, they're now at a place where women can understand them and where men can look at them and go yea. >> reporter: the slip and turning super glam by night whether you're slender by gwyneth paltrow or have curves like kim, there's a style out there for everybody's shape. >> i think they're incredibly slimming on women. i think they're sexy. >> reporter: sexy and slimming? now, that's a combination. we found this leopard one at
8:26 am
under $40. please two at under 21, just $35. not bad for one outfit. >> this is such a great blackboard on which to play with, on which to add color and add your favorite accessories. >> reporter: it's a one-shot look we can't get enough of. but fellas, maybe leave this look to the ladies. >> and we want to show you a picture inside our control room. let's go live. there's our head writer simone rocking the onesie. you can see it works for work and it also works for play. come outside, our senior producer, dennis, rocking the orange onesie. your advice? >> you can use a belt to accentuate the waist. >> guys, what do you think? we'll be right back.
8:27 am
good morning. investigators say the case of a missing morgan hill teenager is a possible abduction. they believe she may have voluntarily left with someone and that person is keeping her from returning home. hundreds of volunteers signed up yesterday to take part in the search foresee rather. she was last seen leaving her -- her home march 16th. the search effort continues today through sunday. >> we have heavy traffic. checking in with frances dinglasan. >> southbound 680 slow through walnut creek into danville. a crash northbound 680 minor slowing there. it is light at the bay bridge toll. there is almost no delay traffic sluggish into san francisco. across the san mateo bridge, a
8:28 am
little crowded westbound. southbound 101 slow through san mateo. mike has
8:29 am
continuing to see a trying trend heading from livermore taofrs oakley rain around dublin also. a few sprinkles north of -- looks like a few scattered showers during our afternoon
8:30 am
hours. hours. as we wind up, next chance i think we're watching the arms that move so easily. >> you can't take it, though. >> we are in the heart of times square. a great crowd that is with us here on this wednesday morning. you're listening to celine. "titanic." the movie, the blockbuster. like you said earlier, it's been 15 year, george. it's unbelievable. and we're celebrating with a brand-new 3-d release. and an all-star reunion. also a new movie "mirror mirror" julia roberts. and collins. she can fight with that sword.
8:31 am
josh got to talk to her, talked to her about her fairy tale. >> isn't she phil collins' daughter? >> yeah. >> on the precipice. >> she's so lovely. >> it's so nice to be on the precipice. to be on the precipice. >> yeah. also, this morning, dr. marty is here. dr. marty becker is here with fun products that he discovered at this year's global expo. that is a german shepherd. it's not real. but it has a wolfer. we'll explain what that it is. wow, marty, bust a move, marty. >> that's a tease. >> that's the right answer. we'll find out. we'll begin with the return of "titanic," one of the biggest movies of all time is coming back in 3-d. abc's nick watt crashed the cast reunion. talked about the new version and how the blockbuster changed all
8:32 am
their lives. >> reporter: you know for me the story behind "titanic" is almost as good as the movie itself. two little known stars and a director building ridiculous sets and getting everyone wet. a 3-hour 20-minute epic that most people not it was going to crash. an iceberg at the box office. but, of course, it all turned out a little different. who would have thought 15 years later they'd all be back together for another premiere of the movie with the most predictable ending ever. you shouldn't think. >> it's wild. >> evil? really evil? >> reporter: around the corner, we orchestrated a "titanic" reunion. kathy bates. the sweet, sweet granddaughter. frances fisher. ruth uptitle.
8:33 am
bill paxton, and james cameron. for you, it was a pretty grueling shoot. >> cold, wet, long nights. >> by the second shift, of course. come on. >> reporter: by the way, billy's character is even more loathsome in 3-d. >> in the 3-d version, i wanted to lash out and smash you in the face itself. >> i went into the iceberg i didn't kill 3,000 people. >> reporter: remember, she spat in his face. >> everything after take two, i could see billy saying, i'm not doing this again. >> reporter: and also -- >> you know, i don't like that girl. >> i realize you're not your character anymore. >> it's taken her years of therapy to cope with this. you're just ripping the scab up the whole thing. >> listen, this is just bad programming, on behalf of the villainous few on this movie. >> you know what's amazing, you
8:34 am
were way too young for that part. >> didn't you cast her? >> i did. i did. but that's because she gave an incredible reading. >> we were just playing. it didn't feel like an audition. >> isn't acting just pretending? aren't we all pretending? >> reporter: anyone take a date to see "titanic"? of course you did. getting back to the real love story, the film -- we were very -- >> we were very professional about it. didn't ask to see it until we were done shooting. about eight seconds after done shooting. >> reporter: they married in 2000. they have three kids. suzy was with cameron this week when he took his submersible seven miles down into the mariana trench in the pacific. >> it was all darkness for 2 1/2 hours. it was literally dead flat and featureless.
8:35 am
>> reporter: today in london, a amajor gaffe, gloria stuart playing suzy's grand mother, rose. >> suzy and rose became really good friends. gloria just passed away last year. we all stayed friends. you probably saw her two or three times a week? >> i did. yeah. she would say to me, you know, suzy, if i were younger, you'd have a lot of competition. she's quite a renaissance. >> reporter: of course, the box offices all around the world, the first movie to take more than $1 billion. no one thought it would turn out that way. >> there were 20 reasons why the film was going to lose money. the two studios involved were utterly convinced it was just a question of how many tens of millions of dollars they were
8:36 am
going to lose. in post production, all we could cling to is was the possibility it might actually be a good film. >> so what you want is this is going to break a record. the best film in history. we felt we were at leastle cautiously optimistic. >> not even. >> i'm being kind. >> oh, what happens, the ship sinks. and jim was like, yeah, the ship sinks. i'm going to show you how. >> the first two hours, nothing happens. a guy falls in love with a girl. they stood over the railing. they go to a dance. two hours. but you also know, everything that you see, because the ship is the world of the movie, everything you see is going to be destroyed. you know it in the back of your mind from the moment you walk into the theater. that's why it works. so the joke was on all the idiots who said we know what's going to happen, the ship sinks. because that was the incredible part of the architecture of the experience. >> reporter: by the way, at the
8:37 am
premiere last night, james cameron wispered, i think i'm done with "titanic." judging by the crowds, no one else is. reimmersing myself in the movie i could not get that celine dion song out of my head. george, i'd sing it -- >> now, you got to do it, one line. >> reporter: obviously -- >> okay, nick, thanks very much. sam, do you want to try? >> no, celine's a little too high for me, george. will you go see it in 3-d? >> my girls really want to go see it, yeah. >> they didn't see the first one. >> okay, good. good morning, everybody. we thought we'd let you know a little bit about the weather before you take your first step out the door. the twitter and facebook pictures. the beautiful red flowers. is that is an azalea bush. i can't tell? looks like it is.
8:38 am
sumter, south carolina. that is beautiful. in the northwest, this say messy day. you'll get a little break as the next system exits but the next one is rather large. you're going to get a solid bull's-eye of heavy rain right there on that boarder there. right now, phoenix, 83 degrees, denver is at 78. it continues to be dry in >> all of that weather was brought to you by macy's. we're getting sunshine here in times square. it will warm up. george? >> thank you, sam. look right there,riririririririo
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
and now to the much anticipated movie that is putting a new spin on a timeless fairy tale classic. "mirror mirror" a lavish retelling of snow white and the seven dwarfs. snow white. >> hi. >> lily collins. is this a big few days for you. you have the premiere of the movie and then a birthday. >> yes, thank you. the day after the premiere. it's crazy to think i got the role, shot it and premiered all while i was 22. >> i go home every day and play fairy tale princess with my little daughter. you're actually playing snow white. you got that role. what's it like? >> well, i found out on april fools' day last year.
8:43 am
i thought it was a joke. i broke down in tears but i was so excited. i was screaming with joy. i grew up in english country always pretending that fairy tales are going on around me. >> we hear retelling. obviously, there's a new spin here. what exactly are we seeing here with you? >> the whole point of the film is to have snow white not be a caricature. she goes from being that wide-eyed innocent young girl to a fighter mentally and physically. she learns how to sword fight. the dwarfs teach her how to wrestle in combat. and she ends up fighting for herself. she saves the prince, instead of the prince saving her. >> how are the stunts? >> the stunts? i trained for about four months. lots of bumps and bruises. no blood was drawn but it was fun and games and we had the best time. >> you mentioned army, army
8:44 am
hammer playing prince charming. let's take a look at a scene now. >> you? >> you? >> you're here? >> i am. >> what are you -- >> getting in the palace. i live her. i have for a while actually. i'm kind of the princess. >> why didn't you tell me that? >> you never told me you were a prince. >> i thought it was ridiculous. >> army is in the show. obviously, you had a lot of fun. i understand he was something of a prankster? >> army was quite the prankster, yeah. it was more him and the dwarfs. he like left a fish in one of their play lists. and no one found it for several days. army is such an amazing man. he's such a gentleman. he is so funny. >> it's quite a cast. nathan lane and julia roberts. what was it like working with her? >> she is absolutely incredible. i learned so much from watching
8:45 am
her. she knows so much about everything going on in the set that it's fascinating to see her work. >> it's interesting, broadcast journalism might have been your future. you were a student at usc. you mentioned you group up in the english countryside. the daughter of phil collins. the big names, the a-listers, people you've been around your whole life, how has that prepared you for what you're doing? >> you know, i may have grown up with people who are larger than life. but just talented that my family knew. and i didn't regard them as any other wail than family friends. >> yet, first comment in "elle" magazine, are you coming for our jobs? >> journalism has been a part of me. >> your 22nd year, what a whirlwind it must have been, here comes the premiere, on the eve of your 23rd birthday. >> it's insane. and i'm doing "good morning
8:46 am
america," getting off a plane and coming here, it's all so exciting for me. i feel really, really lucky. >> all right. best of luck. >> thank you. >> i want to keep my job. you keep yours. >> thank you so much for having me. >> "mirror mirror" opens this friday. marty becker, the doctor, bringing out the best and whackiestcccccccccccccccccccccci
8:47 am
8:48 am
the annual global pet expo showcases the newest, coolest, whackiest pet products coming to the market. america's favorite vet, dr. marty becker of it's always good to have you here. >> thank you, friend. >> i have dominique here. she's 4 years old, to be adopted from the humane society of new york. >> yes, she needs a home. very calm. >> a gentle dog. very good.
8:49 am
so, here you start with the turtles. >> well, i love this. >> what's going on with this? >> these aree eed tortoises. this is the terraium. >> that's for something that may climb. >> no. what do we have here? >> the teddy tank. teddy tank technology. would you you love to be the ceo? these come not in teddy bears, but giraffes, lions, elephants. you never thought you'd need a teddy bear, a fink tank and say night light all in one. >> that's what we have here? >> you can put fish in them. it has a voice recorder. listen to this. >> good morning, america.
8:50 am
>> say that again. >> good morning, america. >> that's good. you can use it as a bank? >> as a bank. if you put fish food in there, the food goes in the bear's mouth. >> is that is so wacky. >> speaking of wacky. you love dogs. you love music. how about a life size german shepherd that is a speaker? the crazy thing is, you imagine a dog coming over like k.j. and you go wow. >> it has good sound? >> really good sound. take a listen. ♪ ain't nothin' but a hound dog ain't nothin' but a hound dog ♪ ♪ you ain't no friend of mine >> okay. you can put that in the yard. i hear they come in golden
8:51 am
retriever. >> guaranteed the top wolfer speaker on the market. >> no pun intended. i have a jack russell. she's never met something she cannot destroy. >> this is the development of a bionic rubber for toys. dogs are going to fight over it. as it goes right here, you can give it any chew and it's going to look like new. they had it in say commercial blender. not even a nick on it. >> come here, boy. come here, boy. yeah there you go. there you go, good boy. >> start chewing on it. >> oh! >> anyway, it's indestructible. it's good, it floats. it's absolutely perfect. >> you have taught me and people need to know this, we think we're being nice before giving our dogs food from our plate. you have always said do not give
8:52 am
them human food. this is a way to give them a treat. >> i love this. this was the buzz here. you see the decor here. it's an all-in-one cake kit. microwave. it comes with fido's frosting which is a yogurt frosting. we tried this with our pets at home. it's definitely canine approved. >> you can see more of this at our website can we have a little more "hound dog"? you know you want some of this, sam. come on, we'll bngngngngngngngnc
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
dominique is a good one. she's so sweet. she's so sweet. >> yeah.
8:56 am
>> we'll see you tomorrow! >> have a good day. cacacacacacaa
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. today a grocery chain is offering a swap meat. fresh & easy stores will allow you to swap ground beef with pink slime if you have purchased it from another store. it will give you backpack damaged meat with no additives with you can see the morning rounds are falling apart through the next cull of hours we'll get the temperature up to the low to mid 60s -- isolated shower or two dry until saturday. oil spill blocking a connector ramp in vallejo westbound 80 to eastbound 780 no time when it will be reopened. san jose north 880 heavy to


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